Software Licensing Basics

Software is critical to your business, but how you get it and use it can be complicated. When you buy software, no matter whether you download it or get it on a disc, you are almost certainly not buying the software itself, but a license to use it. When you pay, you are agreeing to use the software in a certain way, usually how to use (i.e. personal or business use), how many people can use it, and how long for. This guide will give you the basics of software licensing.
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The software asset management blueprint

Business today is underpinned by technology. From HR to sales, from data capture to accounting and finance, information technology and the software that powers it is mission-critical to every business. Not only that, but the ease of access to the internet, ubiquitous network connections and the development of cloud application and software services means that many small businesses acquire much of their technology with little, if any specialist support. While growing access to information technology brings huge benefits in terms of business agility and innovation, speed to market and customer retention, it also brings considerable risks if technology assets, particularly software, are not managed effectively.
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Use Software Asset Management to Reduce Your Cyber Risks

Use Software Asset Management to reduce your cyber risks You’ve been tasked with reducing your cyber-risks and you know that managing your organisation’s software is a key component of your cyber-security strategy – but what does this mean in practice?
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A short guide to SAM

Software is an integral part of the global economy. Organisations of all sizes rely on it to communicate, make products, offer services and manage operations. To get the most out of software investments, it must be managed properly, just like any other asset. Poor software management robs companies of their full value and increases risk.
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3 Ways SAM Benefits Your Organisation’s Security and Growth

We know that software, whether installed on your premises or accessed via the cloud, can seem like a significant upfront investment for a business. But did you know that you could save money, reduce risks, and optimise your business by treating your software as a valuable asset, and managing it accordingly? To find out about the three benefits of software asset management (SAM), keep reading.
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Buying Software: A best practice guide

This document covers best practice for buying all types of software, whether it is on-premise or cloud-based software, perpetual or subscription licenses. For best practice information relating to purchasing cloud services (whether or not this includes the software), please see our guide to Buying and Using Cloud Services. When you combine complex technical environments, the variety of license metrics and the fact that the terms and conditions of software license contracts are unique for every application, the result is that buying the right software licenses for your business can be extremely challenging.
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