SAM Top Tips: Infographic

Top Tips: Why You Should Implement SAM

Software is a major part of your business, but are you sure you’re getting the most value from it? Having a complete picture of what you’re using means you’ll be in a better position to understand what you need and what you don’t.

Here are the top reasons why you should implement Software Asset Management (SAM) in your organisation.


Know what you’ve got to plan for the future

You already have a financial forecast and a business plan. Why not a software plan as well? SAM gives you a complete overview of what you have, and what you need.  




Create accountability for you and your staff

20% of unlicensed software is put there by employees –

If your employees know what software is being used for, how it is acquired, and their role in that process, they’ll understand their own responsibility to help keep you compliant.



Change is good – make sure it is positive for you too

Software is an asset just like any other, account for it as you would for your finances – if you’ve acquired or merged with another business, you need to know what (software assets) they’ve got, so that you can make the most of it and stay compliant.



4@-708x593Support new staff to hit the ground running

39% of businesses allocate PCs and software to employees before paying for additional licenses

Growth is good, but if you don’t give your new employees the right tools from the onset they may struggle to have the impact you need. SAM ensures you can map your changing needs to your existing software.



Keep on top of your license numbers

SAM will help you track the number of licenses you have versus what you need. You will save money by getting rid of unwanted licenses, and if you need to do an audit you’ll already have the records to do so, saving you time and money.




Save money – and remain compliant

Knowing exactly what you need means you can manage resources when budgets are tough. It also means that you’ll remain compliant, which will definitely save you from expensive legal fees in the future.



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